Cigar Demo and Rum Tasting at Graycliff Cigar Company

Cigar Demo and Rum Tasting at Graycliff Cigar Company. Learn all about cigars – from the history, to the artistry of a Torcedor, to how to savor smoking them – with this in-depth tour of the Graycliff Cigar Company. You’ll take a walk through the history of tobacco, learning where the best leaves come from and why certain leaves blended together make the award-winning Graycliff cigars. You will observe the cigars being made. Then, once you are a connoisseur, you’ll sample a variety of world renowned rums such as the Bahamas’s own John Watlings, Mount Gay, Barbacourt and more.

Categoría: Tours culturales y temáticos.

Inicio en: Nassau, Bahamas.

Duración: 90 minutos.

Precio: 143,92 euros.

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